ACES Solar Car Ports

Get the most out of your available space by installing a solar car park.

Use Solar Carports and Canopies
To Power your Business

ACES can offer a full structural range of custom designed solar car ports. 

Business owners can make their parking spaces profitable by installing a solar
carport solution. Solar Carports provide additional space for energy generation.

Increase Solar Capacity 

Solar carports can are beneficial when roof space
is limited, or if there’s a lot of shade on your roof
or it doesn’t face the right direction.  

Structural Design

We design and fit your car port structure to your
specific needs. ACES Africa provides a range of car port structures depending on your environment.

Style & Design

Solar car ports are available in single or dual bay
offerings and are generally designed in tandem
with the available space available.

ACES Africa solar carport range provides certified and cost-effective structures.
ACES Africa uses tier 1 solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and project-specific energy optimisation techniques specific to our client’s needs.