Our Turnkey Services

Solar PV Services
Efficient end-to-end execution at competitive prices.

Technical Execution

Our in-house technical teams are able to assist as sub contractors to EPC’s
who require excellent built PV systems to last the lifespan of the system.


Provide operations and maintenance (“O&M”) services,
including for projects constructed by third-parties.

CAPEX FREE Flexible Financing Options

Through our strategic finance partners, we are able to offer flexible
financing solutions to our clients. Ranging from debt raising to 20 year PPA’s
with fixed escalation %’s so your business can free cash flow for where your business needs it most.


Project design, engineering and managing all aspects of project
execution from conceptualising to commissioning (50kWp to Utility-Scale).

System Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management including
design and engineering functions.

Battery Back-Up Solutions

Provide battery-backup solutions for off-grid applications or hybrid
solutions. This includes micro-grid systems, peak shaving systems, and
storage solutions to ensure your business can run after the abundant sunshine in Africa disappears into the night.

Solar Glass BiPV

End to end execution of Solar Glass BiPV projects. ACES assist in consulting on project
requirements from concept to commissioning of the entire BiPV system. Our team is in alliance
with the worlds leading BiPV minds to provide you with flawless execution on your building.

Get guaranteed energy yield on your assets.

Flawless planning & execution


Here at ACES Africa, we believe in the sustainability of clean power generation
at an affordable price. ACES Africa is all about creating eco-environments and helping businesses stay cost-effective by using renewable energy.

Our technology partners provide us with proven world-class solar technology that
is built and tested to ensure durability, ensuring customer satisfaction. This is an
investment that guarantees maximum returns.

ACES Africa offers only the latest TIER 1 product’s from reputable worldwide solar suppliers.