In-House Technical Teams: to execute Solar PV, Solar
Glass (BiPV) and Electrical projects across the continent.

Personalized Attention: It is our priority to ensure we build successful, long-lasting, and positive relationships with our clients and partners.

PV Greencard: Our teams are PV Greencard Accredited.

Experience: Our management team has worked on nearly 150MWp of projects, through design, consulting and execution.

We work with local partners, renowned investors, and best-in-class suppliers that share our values to ensure the best projects are realised.

Build a sustainable future


Sustainable development is dependent on cleaner renewable sources of power.

By promoting renewable energy, we will ensure economic growth, improved quality of life and do our part in fighting climate change.

Change can’t wait

By delivering clean, reliable energy in a consistent, environmentally friendly, and ethical manner, we build C&I and utility solar power plants for companies and municipalities.

More about us

Africa’s leader in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BiPV) and one of South Africa’s leading Solar PV installers – with over 40MWp installed in six countries across Africa.

Our management team has also consulted on 150MWp of projects across Africa over the last 5 years. Having installed systems in South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Angola.

ACES Africa (Pty) Ltd is made up of a formidable Engineering Team with great minds working together to make energy efficiency affordable, sufficient, and sustainable to our clients around South Africa.

ACES Africa (Pty) Ltd was formed to accommodate the modern buildings of Southern Africa and Africa as a whole with high-end energy-enhancing systems to add value to our client’s investments.

With the vision to engineer world-class, custom solutions in the renewable energy industry, our Engineers are constantly searching around the world for the best products and engineering solutions to bring to the African construction industries.

We specialise in a range of crucial elements that together form an imperative part of every modern building.


Building Integrated PV (BiPV) Engineering, Consulting, and Distribution

Photovoltaic System Design, Installation and Operation & Maintenance

Electrical Contracting Services & Maintenance

We as a client-driven organisation focus on building successful, long-lasting, and positive relationships with our clients and partners.

Our Values

On time, every time.

On time, every time is a value that we’ve earned over the years.

We take pride in being able to offer our services professionally and in full compliance of all safety requirements. We assure quality workmanship and strive to provide a smooth operation during all installations.

International Standards.

Our high standards help us be the best and at the same time train new employees.

The kinds of skills that come with these values ensure that the services we provide are carried out responsibly and professionally. If you would like to learn about the rest of our services, please get in touch today.